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I’ve suffered from constipation my whole life. In 2012, I was prescribed an antibiotic + tylenol/codeine + nsaid after a wisdom tooth removal . The GERD started all of a sudden and anti reflux medications were not helping, no vomiting at all. They diagnosed me with GERD due gastroparesis. I was prescribed different prokinetic agents, they worked for a while. During my second crisis in 2015, I was prescribed the same antibiotic, PPIs were not helping again, so they increased the dose and this time my diet had to be blended. By that time I couldn’t use prokinetics anymore because I had those terrible involuntary movements that can become permanent. I was denied the gastric pacemaker because my gastric emptying results were “borderline”. I don’t know what happened, maybe a miracle, but it took me a couple of months until I reached stability, I could finally eat a lot of things, and I didn’t have to take pepcid/zantac in the evenings. However, I was still taking the high dose PPI in the mornings. All of those years I decided not to see a GI doctor anymore because I was so frustrated. However, a couple of months ago I decided to do an endoscopy because I knew I wasn’t following the right diet. I was also worried about possible negative consequences on my esophagus. The results were ok. However, they decided to taper down my medication (due to long-term side effects) and I refused initially because it worked for me for years. One month later (few weeks ago), I accepted to taper down the dose, follow a strict diet and consult a specialist. One week later, the GERD came back again, but furiously. They increased the dose again. Now, Im stuck and I feel my stomach is not emptying as it used to during those 7 years. I feel this is the worst crisis so far. I can’t even sleep sometimes. The medication is /are not helping and I don’t want to increase it because I won’t be able to taper down again. I pray everyday for this to get better until I see the specialist and try to stay positive that if it improved once, it will again. Shout out to those that struggle with this horrible disease every day, you are not alone. One day we will see the light at the end of the tunnel, thanks to science, a miracle or a combination of both. Never give up!

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