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Hi everyone, hope all of you are doing well. My gerd story is quite different, at first I had abdominal and flank pain. The ultrasound result said I had UTI, after taking 1 week of antibiotics, the pain came back after 5 days. I was advised to have a urine culture test and after 1 week I was given another set of anti biotics, but after this…. the pain came back. It was such a crazy experience as I was advised to undergo CT scan as well as thyroid test and a 2d echo, thankfully these were all covered with my medical insurance. All came back normal. I decided to go to a gastro specialist and voila, without having labs etc and just by listening to my stomach using her stethoscope, she already knew that I was experiencing GERD. The heart palpitations, the pain around and in my lower abdomen and even a burning like sensation in my upper back was caused by GERD. She said it was good that I came to visit her before it got to be chronic. Now I am in my 3rd week of medication. No more back and lower abdomen pain, no more insomnia. Just some passing pain in my sides. Patience, my doctor said as it will take up to 12 weeks of medication depending on the severity of it.

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