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I’m 21 years old and I’m from the Philippines. Im experiencing this for almost 5 months. One night i felt stomach pain like a gas pain and i burp a lot, in the morning the pain subsides but the burping still continues at first i think that it was only indigestion so i dont care about it. After a couple of weeks the symptoms and pain continues, and also i felt a burning pain in my chest, that gives me anxiety that maybe it is a heart attack, on that morning i decided to go on our Family Doctor, i went to her clinic by walking on a very hot day, after i arrived she took my blood pressure and see taht i have high bp (maybe because i just walk) i told her all the symptoms that i experienced especially the burning pain on my chest, she recommended me to be hospitalized and or took an ECG. I chose to got ECG, and the result is normal, i had no heart problem. On that same hospital i also. Decided to consult to the doctor, without test, just by depending on my symptoms she told me that i have GERD, she recommended me to take Omeprazole for 2 weeks, and i follow it, after two weeks my GERD subsides, but after a couple of days it came back but with pain in my throat feeling that there is something or lump on my throat and causing me palpitation when the gas gets trapped on my esophagus. I do some research about GERD and what foods to avoid. I avoid spicy, sour and salty foods, the symptoms are now less but still there. Now I’m hoping and asking when will this stop, it is so uncomfortable and gives me anxiety everytime and sometimes it is hard to breathe especially after eating, I take antacids to relieve the pain but it is not good to always take meds.

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