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Hello all! I was diagnosed with GERD in February 2020. My symptoms started around October 2019, leading to an urgent care visit after Christmas due to severe nausea. This is one thing you don’t see much, as nausea usually isn’t one of the prominent symptoms. I almost never get heartburn or actual acid reflux (very grateful for that!). That’s only due to a careful diet and medications however, as before my urgent care visit I would throw up bile and be all around miserable for the first part of every day.

Now my doctor’s doc trying to find the perfect level of medications, with none being the long-term goal. I’m honestly not sure I’ll get there. After reducing protonix, I have had bad rebound symptoms. Now my nausea is still present after my nausea medication, and I am lucky if I get 5 hours of sleep. I sleep inclined, follow diet instructions, yet nothing seems to help.  The accumulated sleep loss is honestly affecting me more than anything else. I’m so fatiqued all of the time. I don’t want to go on a sleeping medication, but if something doesn’t change soon I’ll have to. 

Besides sleeping on a wedge and avoiding food prior to bedtime, any suggestions on how to sleep through the night? 

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