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Hello I was diagnose with GERD 4 years ago. At the beginning is tough because you don’t know nothing about this condition, you feel fear, blame, anxiety and even depression after feeling heartburn all the time. The main step to take is to change your diet right away and take medication for a short time until you have control of your symptoms. Have a support team during this journey because is not easy to deal with this, I learned a lot from my condition and it was able for me to stop the medication and take care only with my diet, I lost several pounds but don’t let anyone to discourage you because is normal you drop weight. Little by little you will gain your strength again. Don’t be hard on yourself if you eat something out of your diet and the symptoms came back, bite a little piece of new meal to see how your body reacts. Something that helped me a lot is having a broccoli juice in the morning, believe it or not broccoli helps your stomach to heal this magical juice is not tasty but it work. Blend some raw broccoli with a little salt in water and drink it before breakfast, you will notice the benefit after a few days.
When you have flare-ups because you eat something new, be gently with yourself and start with the diet again. This disease is like that some days you feel better but don’t let your guard down because it comes back.
Bottom line have a journal of what you can eat and what you need to avoid to be free from gerd symptoms. I wish I could find a blog like this 4 years ago because it was horrible for me at the beginning to face this condition.
I hope you feel better

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