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I developed GERD and IBS about 2.5 years ago. I went through a lot of stressful life events and ever since then I’ve been suffering from neverending stomach pain/ cramping and horrible acid creeping up my throat, especially when I’m trying to sleep at night. It feels ike acid is burning a hole in my stomach and esophagus. The IBS causes constant bloating and pain. I use the restroom for #2 on average about 6-7 times a day but at it’s worst much more. I have gone diarrhea in my pants several times while out in public thinking I was just letting out a benign little fart. But the worst by far is the GERD. I haven’t gotten quality sleep in 2.5 years. I cannot lay horizontally without getting very uncomfortable, bubbling, gurgling, and intensely burning acid rolling into my esophagus. No matter how much I elevate the head of my bed I do not get relief. Most nights I am in a half-awake stupor of churning, gurgling, discomfort. I haven’t even comfortably laid flat in years due to the sheer discomfort of GERD and IBS. I have been struggling immensely with eating and everything food related. I used to love food and eating. Now I am scared of a single oat and what it may wreak within my bowels. At a certain point last year even drinking water hurt me. My throat feels swollen and sore. I’ve tried DGL licorice, tums, several doctor prescribed medications. I have tried eliminating certain foods. Supplements. Breathing exercises (actually help somewhat). I have been exercising consistently (also helps). But nothing has put much of a dent in this pain at night while I try to sleep. I am scared of developing cancer in the future. I am holding out hope for me finding natural cures soon.

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