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My dad had Gerd pretty bad as I remember. I remember growing up and seeing him gulp down Maalox. We always had a bottle on the frig. When I got to be around my mid-fifties, I started feeling heartburn. I woke up and had pain in my chest. It was lower, at my xyphoid area. I thought it was my heart. Everything came back fine. However, I was still having pain. I called a GI doctor. I was placed on omeprazole and Pepcid, prescription strength. I had an EGD and was diagnosed with a small amount of Barretts. That was devastating to me. I have improved on my diet and eating schedule. I try not to eat heavy food at dinner and less bread. I take probiotics and I use blocks at the head of my bead to elevate my head. That does work. I still have days that bother me, and I get checked every 2 years. So far so good

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