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Hi guys
Just wanted to share, I don’t know how I found this page but everyone’s stories seem to be really sad and full of worry.

I had Covid in January and was randomly diagnosed this in out of hours GP after still having chest pain (which I thought was due to virus)
Never had acid reflux before, The doctor gave me lansoprazole, but I decided to do it on my own, so I started having celery juice every morning on empty stomach – please see medical medium , celery juice , have an open mind.
Anyway it literally went straight away. I continued with the celery juice every morning, and was doing really well and then got a new job in an office, I’m not allowed to work during lockdown as I work in non-essential so took a job in the office to get me out the house. Everything I was doing completely went out the window and I was back to drinking lots of cups of coffee, tea every two minutes, lots of bad food and a lot of chocolate generally eating very badly.

All of my symptoms came back and very worse, where I would eat something and would feel the worst pain in my chest. I started taking anta acids again but on day 4 I woke up at 5 am with the worst pain in my chest, as if someone was pouring acid across my body, come over very hot and shivery went to throw up in the toilet, tiny bit of bile came up and then a blob of blood. Not good

I got back into bed but was in so much pain I called 999 (I know that they put you through to paramedics first)
Couldn’t breathe through the pain!
Live alone which doesn’t help.

Paramedics came and done my checks but decided to take me to a and e, they done my blood samples which showed inflammation and that I have anaemia (which could be cause from a bleeding ulcer for example)
I don’t actually think this is the cause . Long story I have a blood trait which means My haemoglobin levels are naturally low and I tried to tell my doctors this info but hard to get through to them when you have to triage through a new doctor on every phone call…

Anyway, since the incident I’ve been double dosing on the tablets and it’s really helped. Drinking only water, yes it is incredibly hard to not drink coffee or tea and eat chocolate but I think if you want your insides to be well you need to make sacrifices!
Anyway, Easter I overbought loads of chocolate and Ended up eating a load myself, instant pain. And regret . Lesson learnt? Greek yoghurt helps me as well, and is important to eat small and often.

I want everyone to try and make the changes that they need for this to go away this doesn’t have to be a permanent thing I know it won’t be for me,
Anti inflammatory foods.
Nothing wrong with eating CLEAN and small meals , not laying down after food (big thing for me as always a late eater)
Will go back to celery juicing too and eating vegetable soup (yup sad sacks but it worked) have to do the things that your body needs for it to get better, and have faith that it will!

I have to have an endoscopy, meh. But late blood tests has found that I no longer have inflammation. Good right??? Pretty sure the information was from the fire going off in the centre of my chest. But have faith people! I have been one big ball of illness for the past year nothing major, bad bad anxiety sufferer lots of stress, father passed away after I already had a bit of a breakdown in 2019, wouldn’t think I was only 33 lol. But all of this has equated to my insides falling apart! But I know it’s so important to have the mindset of health! And tell yourself you WILL be fine and do all the Things you need to be fine. Including meditation and affirmations (I like the I am healthy ones with music on YouTube)

Anyway my point is, it doesn’t have to be permanent and it won’t be if you do everything you can to FIGHT IT

Celery juice – medical medium

Good luck it will be okay xxxx

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