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I have been diagnosed with GERD last year, month of October. I did 3 bad things at the same time. I eat oranges, nuggets and then drank my antibiotic then I sleep immediately just to wake up after an hour with a burning sensation in my throat and in my right chest. I hated myself for not coming to the Emergency that night, I tried to ease it with chewable gaviscon.

It’s hard living with GERD. I can attest to that, there was one time, where in I can feel the food passing in my esophagus, the doctor suspected that I had an esophagus tear due to the antibiotic.

Omeprazole was able to help me but not totally because I was never the same as before, in term of what I eat. I really tried my best to avoid my trigger foods.

I was on my journey to healing, I am trying home remedies for I know what could cure me is something God has created, something organic.

And if there’s one thing I can offer to folks who suffer from acid reflux, it’s to drink moringa juice every day. You will thank and Praise God afterwards. It will make a big difference in your health in general.

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