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My first episode with GERD was in 2009. My pcp prescribed PPI also use Gaviscon. Tried two different PPI and never relieved symptoms. My pcp as last resort prescribed Reglan. Short term approximately for a month. Relief finally
I developed GERD again in 2017 after non stemi MI. Stent placed. Prescribed Protonix, Plavix and 81mg of ASA. My GERD will flare up periodically. Usually lasts two to three days. Yes it’s debilitating. I take Nexium and Pepcid. I can only eat small amount of food at a time. I’m on the heart diet Use fodmap.
I had my EGD and colonoscopy two weeks ago. Normal esophagus. Gastritis biopsy benign. Relief today after two day flare. I believe there are several things that cause GERD to flare.

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