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This is my successul experience how to treat my Gerd (not cure). 

I have Gerd since i was 30 (now im 38). I am now no longer raking PPI or H2 blocker but acid reducer (2 or 3 days a month). 

how do I treat my Gerd without medicine ? I would go straight to the answer so you dont have to read a long story : DOING PUSH-UP EXERCISE. You have to exercise hard since you first start.

Have you ever heard Gerd is due to weak diaphragm ? Because it is too weak too close the sphincter completely thats why the acid in stomach reflux back up into esophagus and causing symptoms : burning pain and chest pain.

My treatment experience is a long story but I will briefly telling you as short as I can.

I have Gerd since i was 30. It was severe burning pain and chest pain. when i got chest pain symptom I thought I got lung cancer.  Xray was showing there was no sign of lungs problems. The doctor prescribed 40mg ozmepraze once daily. And after 2 months starting push-up exercise I reduced to 20mg daily. And then 1 tab 20mg in 2 days and 3 days and 4 days and now no more medicine.

I tried pushing up 3 sets (20reps) at first. After 2 weeks, I increased to 4 sets. Then 25reps a set, and now 30 reps a set (7 sets) a day. Now, I am staying away from PPI. But sometime I eat not good food for stomach like  tok much sour or spicy food, the chest pain was coming back the I have to take acid resucer pill like Tums or Gaviscon (just 1 pill). But it just happens in2 or 3 days a month due to the food I ate. I can now drink a little coffee, eat hmburger and drink soda. But I totally avoid tea and any kind of coconut jucies. Because tea is a stronger stimulate drink that trigger stomach releasing acid, and coconut is making indigestion.

I sometime lazy to exercise By skipping doing push-up in 3days and then symptoms started coming back again. But I exercise on that day, the symptoms are subsided in next day. 

I am not sure you Believe in my story or not but I have shared it to a friend and she is now doing well without medicine. 

Remember, I AM NOT A DOTOR OR A PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL PRACTITIONER. I am just a PATIENT who is successfully self-treat and want to share this experience to everyone. You may trust it or laugh at my story but why dont you try it ? atleast it forces you to exercise but somehow it reduce your symptoms and is helping you stay away from daily ppi medicine.


hope You all well and healthy. If you have any questions please leave comments below.

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