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Hello guys, my name is Bianca and i’m 19 years old atm, i am struggling with this problem since i was 14 so for about 5 years. I was NEVER diagnosed and no one never wanted to look into me or recommend taking an endoscopy because they all said it’s not that bad, but I honestly can’t stand my pain anymore i can’t do anything, can’t eat, can’t go out, can’t travel. I am absolutely jealous with those who have a normal stomach. My main symptoms are: NAUSEA (a lot) i feel like i have to vomit but it’s just a burp after all the nausea i get, my stomach hurts when i’m hungry like it hurts a lot i can’t even move, after i eat it also hurts, not to mention i get full very easily, i can literally eat a biscuit and i’m full, i wake up almost every night feeling like i have to throw up but again just a burp and it goes away after some hours of struggling, idek what to do anymore, it’s so hard to find doctors that take you seriously these days it’s annoying. I really hope soon i will find what makes me this way because from 24 hours of the day for about like 17 i feel sick af.

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