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I began to to excess acid in m stomach about twelve years ago with just occasional acid reflux. The symptoms went away while I continues to take antacid tablets. Just over a year ago my acid trouble got worse with stomach pains. It took me a year to finally work out how to change my diet. I didn’t realise that I could not eat vegan suasages as they contain onion extract and spice. Also, vegetable oxo cubes contain onion extract. It took me a while to work out I could not eat packages pies: all that gravy and heavy pastry is a no no. Also I have now worked out that I cannot eat anything with wheat in it. I now live on porridge, honey, bananas, ground almond for breakfast, Nairn’s oat cakes, low fat Cheddar, olive margarine, natural fat free set yogurt called Henna (it is really nice), melons, brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, parsnips, (sometimes baked in olive oil) and green vegetables. Finally I worked out how to be free of stomach pain until one day at the end of February 2023, knowing that ginger is supposed to be good for acid reflux, I decided to eat grated carrot with grated stem ginger mixed in. It burnt my throat and I then had more stomach pains followed by persistent acid reflux a few days later. It got to the stage when I was pain free in the mornings and then it would get worse about half an hour after lunch. I continued to take to antacid tablets a day plus Gaviscon as advised by the doctor. Then at the beginning of May 2023, I stupidly took an Omega 3 supplement. Why didn’t I Google it to check first. Omeag 3 is no good for acid reflux. My symptoms got worse with acid reflux all day long for a week. My GP has referred me for a barium ex ray to take a look at my oesophagus and I have been prescribed some Metoclopramide tablets which to help but I am only allowed to take them for ten days. To fellow acid trouble sufferes out there, I hope this helps you.

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