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Three years ago kept waking up at 2am with heart racing and sky high blood pressure. Felt nauseous and chest and arm pain. This went on and off until had three attacks in one week. Each Ecg came back fine. It wasn’t until fourth attack in a week that I examined by a Gastro consultant who thought I had Gerd and not a heart issue.
I’ve had a gastroscope and biopsy that showed gastric polyps, gastritis and Gerd. Lost 1 1/2 stone in Five weeks.
Now on 40mg Omeprazole and 10 antacids a day. Nothing seems to help. Every day I have feeling like something stuck in my throat, constant acid reflux. Oh I also get acid tongue and pins and needles in arms sometimes.
Gerd is a horrible illness. Not sure I can live like this forever. Has anyone opted for surgery? Any suggestions and help would be appreciated.

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